Thursday, August 14, 2008

There is No Cure

My friend stated to me that she felt like giving up. I couldn't believe I was hearing those words coming out of her mouth. Although I was trying to be the best friend that I could be, I knew how she felt. I mean we are in our early and mid twenties, to us we should be on top of the game and not dragging slightly behind.

I felt a brief sadness for us. To have to deal with life. I mean who says that we have to deal with it. Giving up is certainly the easy part and at times I think that all of us want to just throw in the towel and scream Mercy! But there is no cure for sadness, it simply just must go. (I know that that is a mouthful)


Lakshmi Nandakumar said...

Interesting to read !!!enjoyed reading ur blog!!

Bliss said...

Thank you so much for stopping by.