Monday, July 28, 2008


I think about it almost on a daily basis. My strong tendency to think often and then to often think. Maybe I have been branded by too many misguided souls, that mine too, has been lost in the waves and currents. My many secrets, those that keep me from knowing my true self. Yes, those many secrets. The ones that come back even after such a long absence, they always return. They come in and show themselves and them again they fall into my mind and live there. My many secrets, no matter how small, they are with me.

I think about it almost on a daily basis. The smallness of it and never the bigness of it. I'd like to think that most people ponder on how big a situation is and how much it will affect their relationship with others and with God. At least, I'd like to think. My daily routine, which by the way, is not very routine at all, is affected by the smallness of it. It is so small, so minute, such a speckle...that it becomes as big as the world that surrounds me and suffocates me.

And I relish in it. In my secrets, my many secrets...that are so small. Yes, I relish in them, I do.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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