Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What he did

I know that it gets rough. And yes it has been rough. I have been trying not to let things get to me, but what am I to do when there is nothing that I can do. Tis the season - you know to be merry and all that stuff. Well, I can't say that I am not. I am doing quite well. Just trying to get past all of the rough spots. This morning, I have to tell you. I was cold when I got in the car - because yes it gets cold in Las Vegas. I was sitting there having got in the car without letting it warm up. He put the baby in the backseat and came to give me a kiss, we exchanged a quick I love you and he ran in the house. As I was getting ready to pull off, he runs back out with a blanket for me. I knew that the heater would kick on and everything would be okay, but I just wanted to say...thank you for the blanket. We all need something to keep us warm when the thing/person that we really want is not able to be there and do it themselves.


Anonymous said...

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Black Diaspora said...

It's been closer to two years, than one, since you last blogged here.

You were one of the inaugural bloggers over at Field Negro's blog.

I've been looking up those bloggers, just to see if they're still around.

You speak of "rough" times. I pray things are better for you.

That something that keeps me warm--well, it's me.

I've found over the years that I'm all I need--that I have within all that can assure my survival, and my happiness.

Which says pretty much that I need nothing.

That doesn't mean that I shun people--actually it has brought me closer to them--but that I'm self contained.

And this self-containment is my self-sufficiency.

Forgive me my presumptuousness. For all my rudeness, it came from a good place.

Anonymous said...

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